What Is Tinnitus And What Is Its Cause?

What is Tinnitus? Have you ever had a ringing, humming, murmuring, or buzzing in your ear that no one else could hear? Do not worry. You are not losing your mind or hearing voices. Other people do not hear it simply because they can’t. This baffling sound actually comes from an internal source rather than an external one.

Describing the problem

This can possibly be perceived in just one ear or even in both. It can also come from the head itself. It is different from person to person just as the sounds they hear are too. The most common description of tinnitus is a ringing sound. But there is a wide range of sounds for others.

From a high pitched whining to a low frequency droning. Electric, hissing, buzzing, humming, whistling, clicking, roaring, beeping- some people even hear tunes and songs while others claim that it is the sound of wind or waves in their ears or head. These sounds Silencil may be intermittent or continuous, mild or severe.

So What caused it in the first place?

So the question what is Tinnitus has been answered, now how about why did this happen? Although wrongly thought to be a disease, Tinnitus is actually a symptom, a reaction if you will. Some of the underlying causes to this unwanted ringing are exposure to extremely loud sounds be it natural or artificial, ear infections, nasal allergies, and too much ear wax. Some medications may cause this, and withdrawal from some may too, such as banzodiazpine.

A natural cause of Tinnitus is old age. There is no escaping getting older, but there is relief for the symptoms age brings.

In 1953, Heller and Bergman conducted a study regarding this matter. They placed about 100 tinnitus free students an anechoic chamber. Studies showed that after this, a whopping 93% heard a buzzing sound. Other studies based on demographics and statistics show that industrialized countries have a very broad number of people with hearing impediments, such as Tinnitus. For further research, the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory is mainly used.


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