Dock Storage Boxes – You Must Buy the Storage Box Which Fits Your Need!

Dock boxes are also known as indoor dock storage boxes or outdoor dock storage boxes. Their main objective is to provide a suitable place to keep your dock accessories safe and sound. These can also be used to store other equipments like; garden equipments, pool tools, blankets and toys etc. They keep the goods dry even in harsh weathers. They can be used as an additional seat on your boats while you have your dock accessories or boat washing supplies stored in them. With constant increase in the variety of dock storage boxes it has become difficult to decide which one is best suited according to the usage. If you are facing the same problem then read along and you will find an optimum solution to your problem.

Standard dock boxes

Dock boxes are usually made with fiberglass. They are strong enough to bear rough and tough situations. These standard dock boxes are made with UV gelcoat and stainless steel lockable latch which ensures that the goods kept in the box will be safe in the harshest weather conditions. These boxes are built with a smooth internal finish which helps them avoid splinters.

Low profile dock boxes

Such dock storage boxes are preferred to be smaller in size. Their width is narrow and is small in height. With the attachment of gas shock in these boxes are able to have a controlled closing. These types of boxes are best suited for small boats.

Seat top dock boxes

Such dock boxes have a comfortable seat attached to it. These boxes help in providing an additional seat on the dock or at home. These kinds of boxes have a storage capacity of 24 cubic feet. Seat วิจารณ์มวย tops are also made from fiberglass but are highly comfortable. Some of the major features of these storage boxes is that they are made of stainless steel piano hinges to give them strength, and include stainless steel lockable hasp so as to provide security.

Triangular dock boxes

Triangular dock storage boxes have a preference of being installed if the space in the dock is limited. It must be installed over 90 degrees gusset and between the walkway and the finger dock. These boxes have an approximately 12 cubic feet of storage. These boxes are so strong that they will be left undamaged even if you keep goods weighing 225lbs. Some of the boxes also have to storage areas with two separate lockable lids.

Specialty dock boxes

As the name implies these boxes are created for a specific reason like; balcony storage box. They help keep any tools or equipments safely and also do not consume much space. For example like a balcony storage box has a capacity to store up to 47 gallons. These storage boxes are best for keeping outdoor accessories and grill supplies.


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