Cherry Cribs: Is It Cherry Wood Or Cherry Finish?

A baby crib is one of the most important purchases you’ll be making when you first bring your new baby home. A good crib needs to be comfortable and secure so that your baby will be safe in it. The crib will be your baby’s bed for a least the first year, and will help teach him to sleep on his own. Your choice of crib should be based not just on looks but also on safety factors. It should be easy to find one that is safe for your baby and still fits your decorating style, perhaps like the very popular cherry crib.

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A crib that’s made from solid wood is very different from a crib that’s got a ‘wood finish’. Cherry wood cribs are very popular, so lets look at the difference between an actual cherry wood crib and a crib with a cherry finish. While they may look very similar at first glance, there are actually fundamental differences between the two. Before you make a purchase of cherry furniture, you should know whether you’re looking at solid cherry or cherry finish, and understand what the difference is.

The majority of cribs that you run across while shopping will be made from a composite of hardwoods with a wood finish. In other words, a crib that appears to be made from cherry in all probability may be made from other cheaper woods and materials. Then have a cherry finish applied to it, so that it looks like cherry wood trái cherry.

A crib that’s made of true cherry will be very solid. These cribs are made entirely of wood, so they’re very heavy and built to last. A crib built like this is not going to be cheap; the work and skill that goes into building one means that it will be priced higher.

This is the main difference when you’re deciding between a crib made of wood and one with a wood finish. A wood crib will be more expensive and built to last, while a wood finish will be more affordable, but probably not as sturdily built. Before you buy, be certain what you want, and look carefully.

If you decide to go with a cherry crib, there are several advantages beyond your baby’s comfort and security. Cribs and furniture made from cherry are sturdy and last for generations, and when compared to other hardwood furniture, cherry tends to be less expensive. Many solid wood cherry cribs on the market today are made to convert into beds as the child grows, which makes it a very practical investment as you won’t need to buy more furniture later. A cherry wood convertible crib can last your child right through the teen years, and even more, it becomes more beautiful over the years as the wood darkens and ages.

If you decide to go with a cherry crib, it makes perfect sense to invest in all nursery or bedroom furniture made of cherry or with cherry accents, to bring an appealing, cohesive design element to the room.


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