Hourglasses-The Use Of Sand Timers For Practical And Decorative Purposes

Used as egg timers, steeping timers, game timers and
even as nautical speed calculators,
sand timers are
always decorative and still useful instruments.

Even though, as a precision instrument, the sand glass has long been replaced by
and technologically superior time keeping devices, It’s one of the few inventions of
the past that, practically unimproved and unchanged from its original design, survives
(and even thrives) in the “memory chip” era. Why?

Romantic and Nostalgic Decorative Item:

Fantasy capturing and somewhat enchanting too, this old … and forever young time keeping
device is as popular today as it was at its origin.

Wood, marble, brass, pewter and silver are some of the most commonly used materials to
create artistic frames for decorative hourglasses. While they come in many shapes and sizes,
from the classic round bases/three-column model to hanging, swinging, cubical and
abstract designs to fit any decor, they all patek philippe 價錢 share the same “sand glass” original concept
and they all exercise the same mystical attraction.

Once a customer told me that he wanted a “slow moving, long lasting” hourglass because
watching the dropping sand was as relaxing for him as watching the flames

of a fireplace!

Egg Timers and Game Timers:

If you run a survey on the practical use of hourglasses, the most popular answer will
probably be: “To time an egg”, referring to the ever popular three-minute egg timer.

A close runner up answer would be: “To time board games”.

While most egg timers come with standard 3-minute cylindrical or blown glass timers,
their design, value and size vary widely as many different materials and artistic
concepts have been used to create this classic “old timer”.

Game timers, on the other hand, come with various time settings (from 30 seconds
to five minutes). They are usually rugged and inexpensively made units designed to
endure and survive the use and abuse that’s normally generated during the confusion and
excitement of board game parties.

Steeping Timers:

Hourglasses that are used for steeping tea and certain types of coffee are practically

a combination of egg timers and game timers in a single frame. They can be as simple as
three cylindrical sand glasses on a plain frame or blow glass with artistically elaborate
gold and silver settings.

Since different blends of coffee or tea require different steeping times, it is imperative to have a
combination of timers available for the “steeping time” of the occasion.

For this reason, steeping timer combos come with three sand timers: A three-minute, a
four-minute and a five-minute. This allows for any combination of time, from one-minute
to infinity in one minute increments.


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