Social Media Sparks New Independent Film Revolution

Social media has created a new independent film revolution. I am definitely on the late train, but have bought a ticket to ride now. As a filmmaker I am starting to see the power social media has to connect with viewers on a more interactive level. I want to say about 7 years ago I ignored good advice from Internet entrepreneur Tim Beachum aka The SEO Bully who at that time was editing projects I produced. He is one of those people that keep their ear to the digital ground so to speak to listen for what is coming next. This guy’s addiction is technology and digital communication.

He basically said digital movie distribution Streaming Gratuit online is where entertainment is headed and I should start streaming content to viewers. My opinion might go against what social media is supposed to be, but I did not see how using it would increase distribution revenue. Plus I had business partners that were not going to be cool with me giving away for free what they put their money into. That is a tough sell. At the time I was the creative force and they were the bank. I remember one of them telling me that streaming online is like public access television – no money in it.

The point was hard to argue then. I was satisfied with the revenue coming in from DVD and pay-per-view sales. Bootleg DVDs were not going to go away, but those copies being sold on the street and at swap meets were not killing the cash bottom line. Royalty checks were coming in and life was good. In one of those life moments my mindset changed and I wanted to pursue my creative passion of making movies. My business partners and I went different directions.

I started to realize social media was one the best things to happen to independent film. You could cut a trailer for your movie and stream it to millions of viewers to generate a buzz. You get back uncensored and honest feedback from people online instantly which helps producers tighten their movie and strengthen their marketing approach


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