Career As a Forensic Document Examiner


Forensic document examination is mainly about the combination of different concepts and principles successfully used for the past centuries, and technology and techniques that are developed by the 21st century science. In the era of electronic communication, signatures and paper documents handwritten with ink are still the most common way most businesses are transacted. Criminal and civil legal cases, business, and domestic disputes, as well as other controversies hinge on the alleged irregularities in wills, checks, insurance policies, contracts, deeds, policies, and other documents in question.

Job Description:

A forensic document examiner examines and analyzes all aspects of a paper document to determine its origin and authenticity, including typewriting, handwriting, commercial printing, finger printing, photocopies, papers, and inks lam bang gia. He looks for clues pointing to forgery like deletions, alterations, substitutions, and additions within the document. If anything is found, he also tries to determine where and how the forgery has originated by using and pinpointing some unique characteristics. The documents frequently examined by a forensic document examiner are medical records, wills, time sheets, deeds, income tax records, insurance policies, contracts, loan agreements, election petitions, checks, and letters without any identified authors. Before carefully studying a document, a forensic document examiner may search for another document that will be compared to the original. He then tries to find or look for a valid second document that resembles the original copy in terms of print, style, and case. The closer resemblance the second document has with the first, the more likely that he will have satisfactory results in his examination.

Educational Requirement:

There is no major or college degree in this field; however, most forensic document examiners have completed their undergraduate bachelor’s or master’s degree because some regional, state, and national forensic science agencies and organizations require at least a baccalaureate degree.

Forensic Document Examiner Salaries:

Depending on the location, company, industry, benefits, and experience, the average salaries can vary greatly; however, the average salary; according to some research is $85,000 annually.


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