Using a Professional Resume Service – Is the Return on Investment There?

Whether unemployment is low or high many people still hire a professional resume service. They like the idea of someone not only taking another look, but that the person looking (supposedly) knows what turns the employers on. This fear is often amplified when you realize the last time you updated your resume was 10 years ago.

Can you see yourself in this scenario? Did you, or so you plane to hire a professional resume service? If you are considering it, read on. Then decide whether or not you need to spring for the service. You may find that because you know yourself better than any service you can hire, making this a DYI project may get you more miles than a professional resume service will. Keep in mind, a resume is just one of the tools in your proverbial workshop that will assist in your landing a job, especially you ‘best fit job’.

Although almost all jobs you will apply for require a resume, many professionals think that a resume does little to help you get the job. In fact, many argue that a poorly constructed resume does more harm than a well constructed resume does good. This may even sound counter intuitive.

But keep in mind, that as a first impression, your professional resume speaks volumes about your attention to detail, how you present yourself, and generally whether you appear cv template to ‘care’ about your work product. If you fall down here, you’ll never get past the reviewed.

Whereas, a well crafted and edit resume that is specific to the position you are seeking moves you forward. Unfortunately, this pool may still be large so your resume does not guarantee you the job.

The objective of a professional resume, and other sales tools that you use, is to rouse the interest of your potential employer enough, so they will invite you in for an interview. Whenever you hand out resumes, try to gauge the number of responses and interviews you get. Are you getting your desired response?

If not, take a moment to review all your sales tools. That includes your resume itself, your online profiles, testimonials, cover letters, etc… Go over them and see how you can improve them. You can even browse the web for resume writing guides to help you come up with a more effective resume.

Hiring a professional resume service should be your last choice. They can be expensive and most of them do not provide a money back guarantee in case the resume proved to be ineffective. There are other choices that do not cost as much and can provide the same results. Some of them, I have written below:

1. Feedback – Critics can be very helpful in spotting problem areas that you may not recognize. Send a copy of your resume to someone in your field and have him criticize it. Ask a friend or family member to take a look and report back the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2. Ask recruiters – It’s always good to ask questions. It only means that you want to improve yourself. Ask them what they think about your resume and if there are things that you can do to improve it.


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