What You Need To Know Regarding Driver CPC Training

Road accidents happen almost always in any country. The number of road accidents resulting to serious injuries as well as casualties has always been high to several countries. This has made most of the countries to be much more focused on creating measures in keeping road safety to a maximum. In the UK for one, every five years, professional drivers are required to undertake driver CPC training to help them remain up-to-date with the latest road policies and well, serve as a refresher for the important lessons that most driver need to keep in mind to be able to properly apply them.

CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence, and is aimed to contribute to the skills, knowledge and overall performance of individuals who are employed and professional drivers that provides a bus or coach or lorry service. Here are some of the most important facts you need to know regarding CPC training.

• It’s a 35 hour of periodic training.

• Your CPC certificate must be renewed every 5 years.

• In training, only the approved courses will be counted towards your hours.

• Drivers should always bring with them evidence of their Driver CPC status when at work.

• After 35 hours, you will receive a Driver 機場接送服務 Qualification Card (DQC) as evidence.

• The training will be recorded to this card and should be carried by the driver whenever they are behind the wheel or whenever they are driving.

• The cards are issued automatically by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and PT is recorded on a central database run by the Driving Standards Agency

So, since most drivers see CPC training as a hindrance to their job, there are undeniable benefits that they can achieve when they get themselves this certification. The UK government shows that the main benefit of this training is that, since their roads are generally dominated by PUVs, they have recorded evidently lower number of accidents when they started requiring this training for professional drivers. Additionally, here is a small list of other benefits that you can obtain with driver CPC training.

– With proper training, drivers will less likely be committing fake pas on the job, leading to longer staff retention.

– Since the training will cover the importance of certain driving techniques, the course will cover techniques to increase mileage, thus leading to improved fuel efficiency.


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