CCTV Camera FAQ for New Security Solution Investors

If you are in the market for a security system, you may be asking around to identify the available devices and what they can offer you. One of the systems you may have stumbled on is the CCTV camera. To learn more about this effective security solution, go over the following questions and answers.

Q. What is a CCTV camera system?

A. CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is a video security system that allows you or your security personnel to view or record pictures via the cameras. Previously dedicated to securing banks and casinos, CCTVs now are used as home security systems and for daily surveillance of public areas, cark parks and public facilities.

Q. What are the most prominent features of this security solution?

A. Each security system available has its own set of features. However, if you want the best set around, make sure that it offers the following features:

· The cameras should come with full pan, tilt and zoom.

· Cameras need to be operated from a control room.

· If light isn’t sufficient in the area under surveillance, you may require night vision.

· If night vision cameras are out of your budget, consider motion detection facilities. With these, the camera will start once the sensors detect a movement.

· To cut down labor costs, computer-assisted operation may be a convenient option.

· Protection facilities such as bullet proof casing are a must for outdoor cameras. This is because cameras can be tampered with or stolen.

· Picture clarity is an important feature for any CCTV system. This is because your security personnel or you may need to recognize different things or people from a distance.

Q. Is there more than one CCTV model available?

A. Yes, there is. The following are the different types you can invest in:

· In-Line: This is the simplest type cctv thailand available. This traditional model comes with a video display mounted over the camera.

· Out-of-Line: This type of model comes with a separate television for displaying images captured by the camera.

· Portable: Portable closed circuit television systems come with a display that can be tagged along wherever you go. This is convenient for businessmen and homeowners who want to keep tabs on their belongings while they’re away.

These aside, CCTV cameras are categorized by function. For example, infra-red, wide angle and zoom are some categories of this type of surveillance systems.

Q. Is this security solution expensive?

A. Not really. Unlike door access systems, closed circuit TV systems cost less. However, aside from being inexpensive, they offer more value for your money. Not only can this system catch culprits red-handed, but it can also deter thieves from trying their luck.

Q. How can I choose the best camera for my application?

A. For most shoppers, choosing the perfect camera may be a hassle. However, consider aspects, such as high resolution, sensitivity, black light compensation (BLC) and concentrated light sources, to get the best value. In addition, keep the lighting and size of the area under surveillance in mind to select wisely.


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