Registered Nurse Jobs – The Link Between Healthcare and the Community

The underlying objective of all work completed by registered nurses is to promote health and well-being, both physically and psychologically, as well as assisting patients deal with disabling and restrictive illnesses. Registered nurses are strong advocates and health educators for patients, families, and small or large communities alike. When providing direct patient care and medical treatment, registered nurses work by observing, assessing, and recording the symptoms shown by a patient.

Those securing these jobs take pride in providing care under best practice principles, while empowering friends and family to assist in the caring and healing process, through the dissemination of information relating to that care. Job opportunities for registered nurses are expected to be exceptional in the coming years. The New Zealand Ministry of Development under the internal department Career Services, has outlined that employment of registered nurses in New Zealand is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations throughout the next few years. It is because of this, that many new registered nurse jobs will present themselves.

There are many positions that these nurses can perform that are diverse and allow for the opportunity to private nursing agency hong kong interact with various roles within the medical and healthcare field.

Hospital nurses compose the largest percentage of registered nurse jobs available. There are a number of fields within the role of a hospital nurse that allow for various specialties to be focused on, however, hospital nurses are usually assigned to one department which may be surgery, maternity, labour and delivery, the emergency room, or intensive care.

Home health nursing is another field that registered nurses can be employed in. In this position, nurses provide nursing services to patients at home, frequently carrying out home visits to assist with showering, administering medicine and in some cases changing bandages and wound care. These nurses have specialty training allowing them to assess patients’ in their home environments.

Public health nurses are registered nurses who are employed in government and private agencies. Some of these places of work include clinics, schools, retirement communities, and other likeminded community settings. Public health nurses work by instructing individuals, families, and other groups regarding health issues such as preventive care, nutrition, family planning, and the medical needs and care of children. Nurses also frequently arrange for immunisations to be given, blood pressure to be tested, and the completion of other health screening tests.

Modern day technological advances in patient care have seen a growth in employment openings and the need for such nurses. These nurses are required to treat a greater number of medical problems, and to continue the introduction of increased emphasis on preventive care. It is of interest to note that the number of aging individuals is continually growing, and it is now much more likely that there will be a continued increase in individuals in need of nursing care. This is projected to grow rapidly as life expectancy continues to increase following advances in medical technology.


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