Human Body Car Engine

On the record, do not be alarmed with the title. Why I named this article as such is simply because my analogy with the digestive system and nutrition can be correlated with the car engine. What am I talking about? But better ask, however, “What is the common denominator between the human body and car engine?” In this case, we are starting to build a connection. For the purpose of this article, the common characteristic between a car engine and the human body is its reception to oil, in the general sense of the word.

The human body needs essential oils. Good cholesterol would not be called good if not for its vital benefits in the human body. Fats, or the solidified progression of oil in the digestive tract, have a number of uses. Fats primarily insulate the body, therefore offering a natural resistance to higher level of cold or hot conditions. It is of no wonder that in general cases, people within the category of “skinny” have the least endurance being exposed to these conditions. Put two individuals in a steam bath chamber, a skinny man and a corpulent man. Normally, the lanky person would be the first to exit the chamber than the fat one. The other good use of fat is that it gives the body reserved energy in case proteins and carbohydrates depleted. Again, when we compare a thin slip of a man to a barrel-chested gargantuan heavyweight, there’s a vast perspective between these two individuals if put into the treadmill. The bigger man calls it exercise while the skinny man calls it punishment.

Now let us look at the car engine. Of course, it needs oil for the car to ever function. But the kind of oil used in fueling automobiles is not the oil that was directly pumped out of the rigs. Rather, these are distilled and refined products which what we now call as petroleum, or in layman’s term, gasoline. The main reason why crude musical tesla coil kit oil is purified is simple because crude oil contains harmful chemical elements that will endanger the engine at the progression of burning the fuel. Crude oil may often contain sulfur. We all know that in general sense, sulfur may be synonymous to gunpowder. To put something like this in a burning car engine is tantamount to suicide wherein a drunk driver will actually die before he is about to die in a car crash.

The same understanding applies to the human body. Not everything found in cooking oil is good for our body. Eating fried eggs every morning is the shortest way to heart attack for a teenager decades earlier than his or her forty’s. There is no way to purify cooking oil but there is certainly a way to attain a cleaner form of diet. It boils down to the kind of meal a person would choose. Instead of cooking oil, one could rather use margarine or the fish oil in a jar of sardines.


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