Chinese Private Detectives – Pre-Marital Services

Running a background check and hiring a Private Detective to screen a potential spouse may sound futuristic and paranoid in the Western society. However this practice is standard and often well justified in the most populated country in the world: People’s Republic of China.

It isn’t because the Chinese aren’t trust worthy or dishonest, it is because the Chinese deeply dislike divorces. Although the divorce rate has been rising in China in the past years*, it is still under 15%, which is extremely low compared to North America’s performance in that field. In part, it is justified by a throughout selection process when it comes to the future spouse.

It is quiet common, for a man or a woman to hire a private eye to conduct an investigation, before actually 工傷調查 tying the knot. I have heard of this practice before, but families are usually reluctant to share details on such a practice.

It is after stumbling upon an internet add, that I realized that this is not a joke. The ad reads:” Hi,I have been writing to a woman in Shenzhen for a long time. She is my fiancee…. supposedly. I need someone to run a background check, and some surveillance to see if she is faithful, or just using me. I have two young children to protect.”*.

One of the agencies that replied to his post, guaranteed a full report within seven days. The report is told to include video and audio material, description of woman’s leisure time, close friends, confirmation of her employment and the job title, her lifestyle and habits as well as any other pertinent details.

The only information required is the woman’s photograph, first and last names and home address. Such a report was appraised at 1300$. And bids for the demanded service went as high as 3500$, now let us not forget that this was 5 years ago. One can only imagine how much such service cost today. Hence, the offer as well as the demand in this sector of activity are booming.

Technological advancement allows us to meet and chat with someone from across the globe. Personal references as well as traditional family match making no longer play a role when looking for a spouse. It is now possible to browse hundreds of online profiles in the search of that special someone.

But there are no guarantees for that special someone to be exactly who they say they are. One can follow his or her gut feeling or order a confidential private detective report. What may be over looked by intuition and camouflaged in elaborate online fluff, will not skip the attention of a trained private eye.


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