Co-Authoring a Touchy Feely Success Self Help Book Using Previously Completed Articles

Not long ago, I realized that like most online article authors who write in the self-help and coaching categories that I have a number of articles which might be nicely compiled, re-edited, and repurposed for the content of an eBook. Perhaps, you do too, and if so, I have a thought for you; why not take those articles and place them into a really nice eBook template for all the self-help eReaders out there? Let’s discuss this for a moment.

Let’s say you have 25-50 articles for such a self-help book on success, inspiration, stress management, coaching, achievement, time management, motivation, empowerment, personal growth, self-esteem, happiness, creativity, leadership, and/or the laws of attraction – but really you’ll need a bit more to get your eBook up to 50,000 plus words? Well, why not find another article author to co-author with? Okay so, this is a splendid idea you say and thus, we should discuss this for moment.

First, perhaps you should read a few articles of other authors you might wish to co-author with, and determine christopher hsu a highly re-fined topic. You see, you must determine if you are somewhat compatible in thinking with the other author, if not move on to the next. Eventually, you will find someone who writes in a similar way, with a similar mindset, although enough different as to not confuse your readers.

If so, that makes it easy, if not you might design the eBook as a dialogue or debate on the topic, which also is cool as it helps the reader dig deeper into the dynamics of it all to come to a better understanding for instance; what success, motivation, and setting goals are all about or learning about self-esteem, self-confidence, and living a stress free life while still achieving all they set out to do.

Now then if each author did 30,000 or so words that would come to 60,000 and with formatting and pictures, introductions, about author pages, table of contents, references, turn out to about 175 to 200 pages, which is a nice number. If you go ahead, then the two authors should make a flowing table of contents on the most important aspects of this subject, and divide up the chapters amongst themselves and start. Indeed, I hope this concept makes sense to you, and makes you think about putting together an eBook.


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