Natural Toe Nail Fungus Cure

In 1996, I contracted a bad case of athletes feet which I must gotten at the WMCA in Cincinnati, OH where I went swimming every week. I made the mistake of letting my athletes feet condition go until my feel were really eaten up with fungus. I also noticed some type of Toe Nail Fungus in my left and right large toe nails, which at first, I didn’t really pay much attention to.

In 1997 I finally bought some Lamisil cream to treat my athletes feet. After applying it for about 2 weeks, my athletes feet fungus was gone. Since it worked so well on the athletes feet condition, I thought it would work as well on getting rid of the Toe Nail Fungus so I applied it to my toe nails for the next year, but saw no improvement. In Fungus Clear 1998, I went to my family doctor and asked him what he would recommend I do about this condition. He asked me if my toe nails hurt and I told him they didn’t. He said that I could take anti fungal pills like Lamisil, but they were expensive… $10.00 per day for 3 months and they sometimes had undesirable side effects or I could just let it go and live with it like millions of other people. So, I decided not to take the anti fungal pills and tried using every type of anti fungus treatment I could find in drugs stores and on the internet and NONE OF THEM WORKED. Meanwhile my Toenail Fungus condition kept getting worst and worst.

In 2003, I moved to Florida and was barefoot most of the time. My toenail fungus infection had gotten so bad in both my large toes that they were yellowed and thick with fungus. And they not only looked bad, they HURT! So in April of 2004 I went to a podiatrist with the intention of requesting a prescription for Anti Fungal Tablets (my last resort). He talked with me about my toe nail infection ( the medical term for toenail fungus is “onychomycosis” ) and how it can actually become life threatening if left untreated. He also told me about the possible side effects of taking prescription tablets and how after his mother- in-law took prescription tablets for a month or so, she lost her sense of taste! He explained that everything she ate, “tasted like cotton”. This really sounded scary and made me not want to take any pills. He said that there was another alternative treatment which worked for some of his patients which I could try first before resorting to taking the Tablets, which by the way cost (at the time) approximately $10.00 per day for 3 months – (about $900. for the 3 month period).

I did considerable research over the next week on the internet and came of with a plan of attack to get rid of my Toenail Fungus which also included my doctors suggestion. I have a background in Electronics Engineering and problem solving, so I put my skills to work and came up with a regiment which worked so well that I could hardly believe it! In three months, almost all of the fungus was gone from my toe nails and in 8 months, after my new nails had grown in, my toes were FUNGUS FREE! What a joy to finally be rid of those ugly, embarrassing toe nails. And the best part is that they have remained FUNGUS FREE to this day June20, 2006 and I didn’t have to resort to taking those expensive pills.


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