Vibrational Medicine For Sexual Vitality!

Flower Essences are vibrational liquid remedies containing the energetic healing patterns of flowers. They are taken orally a few drops at a time. Flower essences are used to enhance and increase our health and well being and work to prevent or treat imbalances by realigning our emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

I have been using flower essences for over 10 years. I benefited from them while I was pregnant and used a series of essences for the mother to be. They are subtle, pure and more powerful than they appear. They work directly on our energy field and they are part of my “energy medicine” tool box. Flower essences are powerful remedies for healing sexual wounds and dissolving blocks that keep you from having a healthy and fully satisfying sex life. I’d like to introduce you to a couple and talk about their properties and expressions.

Clary Sage
Salvia Sclarea (lavender and white)
Description: A fast growing biennial with aromatic hairy leaves and panicles of tubular purple and white flowers with prominent lavender bracts. The flower has a forked purple tongue and appears in summer. All parts of the plant are covered with pungent oil and it grows to about 3 feet in height. It is grown widely in the world.

Harmonious Expression: Being in a state of roundedness and a connection to one’s “gut” or primal self. Feeling primal strength and animality. Feeling the power of the earth in one’s solar plexus; clarity and knowing-ness about who one is. Sensuality from being centered and connected to one’s power.

Inharmonious Expressions: Lacking in groundedness, being disconnected from one’s instinctual self. Fear of one’s own sexuality and sensuality.

Clary Sage flower essence is useful for ungroundedness from too much “air” in one’s astrological chart, or from past use of substances such as Marijuana, alcohol, etc. Good for when one is experiencing a challenge being in the earth plane in a more physical Px7 primal flow and grounded way. Also helpful for those uncomfortable with the primalness of sexual expression. Can be used as an aphrodisiac when combined with a heart centered essence such as Rose essences. Useful to vitalize 1st Chakra functions.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella). This one is close to heart and home for me because it was one of the first flowers I ever knew. It was always around me when growing up near the equator. During the spring of last year, I bought a small hibiscus plant for my indoor Zen garden. I wanted to include energies and symbols from my early years when I was creatively unspoiled. It kept budding and budding. It would die and new ones would grow instantly. I enjoyed the re-visit of the hibiscus spirit and its deeply inspiring presence no doubt woke up a sleeping spot of my sexual past.

Harmonious Expression: Warmth and responsiveness in female sexuality; integration of soul warmth and bodily passion.

Inharmonious Expression: Inability to connect with one’s female sexuality; lack of warmth and vitality, often due to prior exploitation or abuse.

In many cases, sexual expression becomes cold, uninhibited and unresponsive. The Soul can no longer contact the feeling part of the Self and infuse it with love and caring. Hibiscus flower essence helps women to reclaim their sexuality, and to restore these soul forces with authenticity and vitality.

It can aid many women who have been sexually traumatized, and it is also generally beneficial for all modern women who have unconsciously absorbed media images and other stereotypes of dehumanized sexuality.

This remedy is sometimes also indicated for men who need to develop a stronger relationship to feminine warmth and positive sexuality. Hibiscus creates flowing warmth throughout the body and soul, especially healing the sexuality. Hibiscus flower essence frees sexual energy. It enhances openness by releasing emotional blockages in the heart. It liberates sexual energy blocks in women and helps to facilitate open communication through the heart chakra.


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