10 Tips for Recovering From Sex Addiction

Recovery from sex addiction can feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Your progress may seem slow, or you might find yourself stuck in the same spot for what feels like an eternity. If you should relapse you may feel hopeless and believe you have failed entirely. Learning, growing, and self-acceptance throughout your recovery from sex addiction are important tools for success. Learn to watch for progress in your recovery, not perfection. Here are some more tips to help you on your road to recovery.

1. Start slow – Many people are tempted to take all of the focused intensity they used for their sex addiction and direct it toward recovery. You may be tempted to make large, public pronouncements about the great intents you have for your program of recovery, and list, confidently, all of the things you will never engage in again literotica. These large goals, and the never again mindset, can set the stage for future setbacks and disappointments. They lead to a sense of failure if you relapse at some point in your recovery.

While clear goals, commitment and focused dedication are good and valuable parts of recovery from sex addiction, it is important to understand that sobriety is not achieved overnight. Moderation is an important piece of longevity. Recovery is a lifelong process.

2. Develop Tolerance – As you go through your own program of recovery from sex addiction, you may find, from time to time, that you are irritated with the people around you. You may not agree with their viewpoint, or their program of recovery. You might not like how they relate to other people or agree with their values. Instead of giving into condemnation or judgment, or allowing yourself to gossip, work to develop your tolerance.

Developing tolerance frees you from being at the mercy of the behavior of other people, behavior which you very likely can’t change. You can learn to take these negative emotions and use them as a reminder to keep your focus on your own life and your own healing from sex addiction. Developing tolerance for others will help to keep you from getting distracted from your primary purpose, which is recovery.

3. Ask questions – It is expected that anyone new to recovery will have a lot of questions. Asking questions is an indication of an open mind. It allows you to reach out to other people in recovery and to build relationships. Remember, there are no stupid questions, and every question is important.

4. Get feedback – Getting insight from other sober addicts is a great addition to any program of recovery from sex addiction. It is difficult to have an objective perspective on your own life and recovery. Asking for and listening to feedback from others can help. You might even get suggestions from others about what might be helpful for you in your recovery.


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