Marketing For Taxi Firms

Do Taxi Firms Need To Use Marketing

All taxi businesses (large and small, local and national) will need to use marketing in one form or another.

However, taxi firms are different to many other types of business, in that a lot of their business comes direct (rather than them using ‘lead generation’ marketing) as a result of marketing exposure.

Many taxi firms will accept casual customers (customers that just need a quick ride rather than booking ahead) however 的士 app 推介 some will only take business from bookings. Therefore the marketing of each of these ‘types’ of taxi company are going to be different.

Marketing For Local And National Taxi Companies

There are a wide number of taxi firms around the UK and the competition is growing as new firms start up.

Taxi companies do not need to worry about ‘brand loyalty’ or repeat customers as much as other commercial businesses due to the variety of customers they will handle.

Some taxi firms aim for ‘large fares’ (airport pick-ups/drop-offs or unsociable hour work) and some will handle daytime short runs therefore the marketing will need to be aimed to the kind of customers that are being targeted. Some taxi firms do anything, no specific kinds of fare are being targeted, any customer that is willing to pay is fine.

Websites and internet marketing is starting to play a larger role with taxi companies as being a big areas of drawing in visitors and potential fares.

A popular kind of advertising for taxi businesses is the local leaflet drop, by doing local leaflet distribution (or dropping a business card through a letterbox) taxi companies hope that they will be kept (or placed on the noticeboard) for when a need arises.

Marketing Essentials For Taxi Companies

Most taxi companies aim to have a memorable phone number, so that when a need arises (someone needs a taxi lift to the train station or lift home from the pub) they will call the taxi firm from their mobile phone.

Most taxi businesses have their phone number or website prominently displayed on their taxis, so that just by driving around during the day, they are marketing to the subconscious.

Local advertising is always wise for any taxi company (local or national) either by doing leaflet drops, billboard advertising (which is more expensive) or local internet advertising (as the web is becoming more popular for booking taxis or comparing prices).


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