The Art of Playing Roulette Online

If you’re looking to get started in online casino gambling, online roulette is a great place to start. Roulette is extremely easy to learn and play, and the online version allows you to practice placing bets without worrying about getting in the way of the other players.

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Online Roulette Basics

The rules of roulette are fairly straightforward. There is a wheel and a layout, each of which feature 36 numbers alternating red and black. There is also a zero and sometimes a double zero on the wheel. Your only job is to predict where a ball dropped into the spinning wheel will land. You can bet on a specific number, a group of numbers, red or black, or odd or even. Your wager is paid off at the true odds of the event occurring discounting the presence of the zeroes. For example since not including the zeroes there is an equal chance of red or black, these bets pay even money. Since there are 36 numbers, betting a single number pays 35-to-1 สล็อตออนไลน์.

Getting Online for Roulette

If you’re not already registered with an online casino, you’ll have to get registered. You can do this in moments. Download the casino software and open it up. Follow the prompts to set up an account. You’ll need to come up with a screen name and password and fill in some basic information. If you want to play for real money, you’ll have to find a way to deposit and withdraw funds. Once that’s done, just make a deposit, go to the roulette section of the site, and start enjoying roulette.

Playing Online Roulette

Remember that when you make your first deposit at the online roulette site, you should have a sign up bonus code ready (assuming you have never played at this site before). If you include that code with your deposit, you’ll have the opportunity to collect bonus funds, often as much as double your initial deposit. Also make sure you are playing European single zero roulette, since the American double zero version has much worse odds because the additional space on the wheel is not accounted for in the payout odds.


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