Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About On-Site Massage

Studies show that massage is one of the most affordable, non-addictive methods of dealing with stress. But when most people think of massage they think of having to take their clothes off 강남펄안마, lying down a table in a room somewhere & having someone work on their muscles for an hour or so. It’s time consuming, expensive and many people aren’t comfortable being touched by someone while they’re nude. So what’s the best solution to provide folks with the benefits of massage, AND provide a top quality service at a reasonable price?

Chair massage was developed to fill marketplace demand for a no frills, high quality, affordable, corporate massage service. Two of the most valued resources of every individual are time and money. What about a back massage that comes directly to you where ever you are? You get to sit in a comfortable, ergonomic chair and you don’t have to take your clothes off. It’s short, usually 10 – 15 minutes each and it’s very affordable. Enter on site chair massage, (sometimes referred to as ‘back massage’) but usually just called ‘on site massage’.

Developed by David Palmer in the early 1980’s, modern chair massage was developed to make the benefits of massage accessible to everyone. Sometimes called seated massage, chair massage is believed to have originated in China during the time of the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi, 2497 to 2398 BC.

The Yellow Emperor is credited with the invention of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Called ‘Anma’, traditional seated massage came to Japan during the Edo period 1603 AD – 1868 AD. There are many similarities between anma and shiatsu in that both focus on releasing the pressure or trigger points in the body. In fact, chair massage is actually a blend of shiatsu (working the pressure points) and traditional Swedish massage (working the muscles).

Certified on site or chair massage practitioners specialize in providing relaxation massage, not therapy. In Canada the designation most of us carry is CCMP (certified chair massage practitioner, not to be confused with LMT – licensed massage therapist or RMT – registered massage therapist.)


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