Time Management – Ideas to Get You More Time

When was the last time you feel like missing all the good old days during the teenage college years? Here are time management ideas to get yourself more TIME in order to get your life back into perspective 유흥알바.


Check yourself in the mirror and acquire a truthful reflection of your life until the current moment. Give yourself plenty of time to do this because this is the most important thing you have to do in order to regain balance in your current state. Look into your memories and ask yourself how you were before and what are you now? Are you better or have you strayed too far? Understand what took YOU away and what you need to do to put yourself back into perspective. You must identify the roots and keys to your happiness, it does not matter if you are happier now than before, you still have to ensure that the basic principles are being constantly looked after. A happy life includes good health, warm relationships and the ability to maintain healthy finances.

Be affirmed of your goals in life and FIND ways to manage time by breaking down on each targeted workable solution to gain a clear constructive routine. For example, if you want to lose weight, find means to do it, either jog every Monday after work or sign up for the Gym. If you are a diabetic, opt for ways to cut down on ‘Sugar’ or assign a health drink each morning. If you are financially unstable, by all means find a part time job or compromise your shopping list. And this is actually the way to shape up your life.


For each targeted workable solution that is uniquely important to each one of us, it is important to plan ahead of schedule and follow with a lot of discipline and dedication. For example, having successfully identified the list of actions to do in order to maintain fitness, fulfill daily chores and spend time with the family, it becomes easier to then allocate a close estimate on a fixed time frame on each weekly/monthly timetable. If you planned for breakfast, work, lunch, dinner and entertainment on your December Mondays’, affix TIME for each one and stick to it.

Allow yourself only minor slippage and back things up by extending your timely schedule for the day only. If you have to work extra hours on that Monday, by all means sacrifice your entertainment hours by a bit OR sleep late. It all depends on following and not falling back! Nonetheless, it depends also on personal priority. Maybe you needed more sleep than TV, but imagine if it was for family entertainment, you shall probably better opt for sacrificing those sleeping hours and regain them the next day.


Fall through is a way to make changes depending on the options available on the minute. By adopting this principle, you will not become inflexible or be seen as nonchalant or mechanical. Consider this, everyday there will be changes and events that are going to push off your original plans for the day. So what to do with them? By all means accept, re-plan, negotiate and compromise the best ways possible. For example, your friend suddenly calls you for dinner, it is either you have to negotiate for convenience based on mutual acceptance and time or you will have to ask for another day instead. A true friend will not mind and this is the way to strike balance between what is important and what is current in your life. If you are experiencing constant ‘fallthroughs’, it is possible that your current routine is not fully constructive or realistic enough to cater for upcoming events. You have to reschedule and reorganize your timetable to buffer for rooms on the list of likely programs/events unforeseen. You can add a twist to your schedule to say ‘if it does not happen, you are going to…. do something else”. This way, you generate more time for yourself.


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