Cost Effective Bumper Repair

Let’s face it. We all know that bumper repair is the most common sort of repair work that is done on car bodies these days. Why? Because most bumpers are only designed to handle low intensity collisions with objects like trolleys, shopping carts, sidewalks etc. At best, they can generally handle small impact collisions with other vehicles. Such minor damages can easily be repaired by any car body repair shop. These damages are generally limited to small cracks in the bumpers.

However, under certain circumstances – generally high impact collisions with other large vehicles – larger and wider cracks develop on the car bumpers. This proves to be rather unsightly obviously. Most people would generally like to get a single layer of resin poured over the crack and a good paint job to cover up the crack. However, any additional strain could further widen the crack and cause more inconvenience to the car owner. Thus, the owner is left with only two choices- either buy a new bumper, or get it repaired.

Contrary to what most owners believe, it is generally more expensive to buy a new bumper. Surveys show that live carts the cheapest bumper can be bought for no less than three hundred pounds. However, most people prefer to buy new bumpers as they think it is more convenient and easier to buy a new bumper than to get it repaired by a smart technician.

Getting a bumper repaired generally costs less than two hundred pounds, and worst case scenario, is still significantly cheaper than a traditional car body shop would charge. SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) is the easiest way to get the bumper to look as good as new. Smart technicians specialize in repairing small area parts of the car’s body. In fact, most technicians can make the car look as good as new. Smart technicians are used to working on small parts of the car, and can repair them for a fraction of the price it takes to buy a new bumper. Using techniques that involve drilling of holes into the bumper, and filling up the crack with a suitable fast acting resin, they can cover up the crack. This process is followed up by sanding, priming, painting and finally lacquering the bumper to the manufacturer’s specifications. Another way of getting the bumper repaired is by doing it yourself. This, while cheaper, involves specific skills that can be obtained by joining specific training programs.


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