Why Wear An Oakley Hockey Visor?

Hockey is a competitive sport that entertains millions from the moment when the puck first drops at an NHL game. Magical moments on the ice may include the almost elegant glide towards a goal to an awesome save during the last seconds of a game. However, there are also the not so triumphant events that take place on the ice when streaks of red begin to stain the arena. At times, a hockey puck can soar through the air and not land on the ice or score a goal, but instead, make brutal contact with the face of a player. The result of this could be a shattered cheekbone, torn eyelid, or broken nose. Whatever the potential physical damage, a simple protective hockey visor could prevented an unfortunate trip to the emergency room. Hockey News

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A hockey visor or shield is a piece of equipment that is fastened to the front of a hockey helmet to decrease the chances of injury occurring to the face of a ice hockey player… or referee. Depending on the model, a hockey visor may cover the upper half of the face or provide full-face protection. While there are many hockey players in the NHL that protest making hockey visors a mandatory requirement (including a host of veteran superstars), the AHL has already made it a rule amongst their players.

When it comes to sports, most eye-related injuries are known to occur in hockey with an estimated 40% attributed to the game. There are many advantages to wearing a protective visor then, as many hockey players are sustaining serious eye injuries during game play. In the worst cases, the injury is debilitating, sometimes preventing a player from engaging in a competitive game of hockey for the rest of his or her life. Besides the obvious health benefits that hockey visors provide, the materials used in the construction of such protective equipment can sometimes give an enhanced line of sight: much better than the usual wire cages, which can cause visual disruptions in certain areas.

Hockey visors not only increase the protection of players on the professional circuit, but also aid amateur and recreational players in staying safe: visors are especially important to maintain health and safety for today’s youth as well. Without a hockey visor, the face is open to an assortment of injuries that could very well be prevented through the use of proper face protection.

In the world of hockey visors, there is a collection of brands to choose from, but when it comes to selecting the highest quality with better features, the Oakley Hockey Visor puts the competition to shame. The unique craftsmanship of an Oakley Hockey Visor stands as the only visor to meet and exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard for optical clarity, which is a demanding task to accomplish. The range of vision that players enjoy with an Oakley Visor for hockey is quite outstanding and totally free of distortion.

The Oakley Hockey Visor also goes beyond the ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact resistance: players can take comfort and pleasure in the knowledge that they are wearing shatterproof protection each time they soar across the ice. With an Oakley Hockey Visor, eagle-eye precision is enhanced through the top-notch visual clarity delivered through the patented XYZ Optics. Additional benefits associated with an Oakley Hockey Visor include anti-fog properties, scratch resistance, UV light protection, impressive durability, and non-fading or peeling decals.


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