Health Issues, Driving School And Employment Issues

There are a lot of people that are looking for something that they believe that they will enjoy doing for more than just a few years. Many of these people are very interested in trucking because it is still one of the jobs that is a little bit exotic to most people. It isn’t exotic in the sense that it is a movie star job or that you make a lot of money, but in movies, literature and in general conversation it is often romanticized as a the last great freedom job where you are on the road, on your own, and basically your own boss. Driving School Amsterdam

This brings a lot of people to truck driving schools in an attempt to get their CDL, land that big job and get out on the road. Unfortunately for many people that go to trucking school and pay their money they find out later than they have an illness or health condition that eliminates them from either passing the DOT CDL physical or that literally puts them in a category that a trucking company won’t hire. This last issue, where you have a CDL but can’t get a job, is particularly difficult to deal with. It is often the case where a private pay student is put through a poor quality school with the school knowing that finding a job in the industry is going to very challenging if not completely impossible.

It is important to realize that if you are doing through truck driving schools on a sponsorship where a company is paying for you to attend you will have to pass an initial screening. This includes a check on your driver’s license record, a DOT physical examination as well as a DOT drug screen. Top schools will also require the same testing typically before you attend or right at the beginning of the training before the program actually begins.

In addition you may be randomly drug and alcohol tested at the school and most trucking companies have a random drug and alcohol testing policy. If you have an addiction issue with drugs or alcohol it is important to go through rehab or treatment and manage that situation before even thinking about going through driver training to get your CDL.


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