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With US Automakers under the careful eye of investors and analysts they realize that they must adapt to the changing market. With fuel prices up and Japanese Automakers capturing another 4-5% of the United States Auto Market it is clear that car buyers want more efficient vehicles. It is quite evident with the 284 million dollar loss at Ford and the Delphi bankruptcy that it is time for a change. General Motors is even discussing dumping GMAC and has already made a deal with the Unions to cut back on some of those healthcare benefits and start discussing the under funded pensions.

As a sign to shareholders and analysts General Motors announced its plans to come out with a new small SUV, as well as introduce some new cross-overs, as many as 14 by 2010. Will it be enough? That is for time to tell, but it shows that GM is serious about fixing some of its ills Kickass. There will be smaller versions of the Saturn Vue, Chevy Equinox and the Pontiac Torrent. It is hard to say if this is enough to get buyers to take their names off the waiting lists for Hybrids at the Japanese Automaker Dealerships of Toyota and Honda. The soccer mom has spoken, but one does have to wonder if it is a little too late to bring GM out of a downward spiral as our nation enters a change in our business cycle.

Simply building smaller cars and SUVa may not be enough because it is more about the $100 monthly gasoline bill that the average American Family is looking at than merely the size of the vehicle thehiltonian. In fact people would drive around school buses if they got 50 miles to the gallon. Size does matter, but efficiency in the revolutions per minute is even more important, because that means fuel economy. Think on this.

The dangerous habit of search engine addiction manifests itself by inputting your keywords into the search engines on a regular basis, in the vain hope your web sites have moved a little bit closer to the coveted top ten results. Often the frequency of this time wasting exercise increases sharply in inverse proportion to your disappointment, until it becomes a daily pavlovian reflex action seamlessly integrated with booting up the computer.

Ever heard that expression, “A watched kettle never boils”? Like all proverbs, there’s a great deal of distilled wisdom in that and it certainly applies in this scenario, because I can guarantee the only thing that will go up will be your blood pressure as another day dawns and you are disappointed again because the results have not budged. They may even have gone down!

Just think how much time you waste on this fruitless exercise. After all, you probably check every page of your site to see how each separate keyword phrase has fared. So, let’s say you spend an average of seven minutes on this, each time. So if you are “mainlining” on a daily check, you are wasting a half hour or more a week — a couple of hours a month. And that’s not counting the negative ambiance you are creating for yourself, at the start of each day.


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