Design and Build a Remote Control Racing Event Oval With Your RC Construction Toys

For a remote control project that promises ongoing racing fun for you and the kids, why not create a backyard replica of the famous “rectangular” oval in Indianapolis.

You want to build your racing event center to accurate, but scaled-down measurements.

First, decide what size radio control racecars you’ll run on your racetrack. When you build your oval based on the scale of your model all your racing events take on a more realistic atmosphere.

For the purposes of this article I’ve chosen a 1:10 scale NASCAR racer to design the track for. That racecar is ten times smaller than the full sized vehicle.

I scaled the track for this model to.5-percent, which takes up quite a lot of space in most people’s back yards.

If your remote control hobby shelves house a variety of racing model scales consider designing a different oval for each size. (Provided you have the space you’ll build a multi-track racing park.)

The Indianapolis track is a 2.5-mile oval stretched out so it occupies a rectangular area. Available land for the original track creation dictated this design.

The track has four turns that bank 9-degrees, 12-minutes. The distance between the entrance and exit of each turn is 440-yards (which I converted to 1320-feet).

Two long straight a ways, dictate the distance between the ends of the track. Those are the front stretch, and the backstretch. Each straight away measures 3,300-feet.

At each end of the track straight short shoots separate two turns.

Create a blueprint of your design by calculating the measurements for your track, then scale your track measurements to fit the paper you’re drawing your blueprint on.

Since our model is scaled to.5-percent of the Indy track the bank becomes.045-degrees,.6-minutes, with 6.6-feet from entrance to exit of each turn.

The front and back stretches measure 16.5-feet each.

Now that you have your blueprint, and know the scale of your track lay out, decide where in your yard you’ll build, and rope off the area.

Fire up your RC construction toys and begin the heavy equipment phase of your project.

Level the area of your track with excavators. Remember that the infield at Indianapolis contains parking and display areas (the museum building is inside the oval), a golf course, and a small lake (which you’ll dig with the excavators as you clear the land for the racing event center.

Use the front loaders to remove the excess dirt the excavators can’t pick up.

As you remove the dirt load it into the dump trucks to haul it away. Don’t forget to deposit enough dirt at each end of the track to construct your banked turns.

Haul additional construction materials into the area with flatbed semi-trucks.

Remember to weatherproof your layout so your finished project provides years of racing fun for you and the kids. Hold racing events for the neighborhood with cookouts, and competitions.

You’ll have hours of remote control activity that starts with building your racing project with RC construction toys.

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