Are You Staying Abreast of Marketing News? (Tips to Stay in the Know)

Following marketing gurus can help you with your business marketing. They help you stay abreast of tips and techniques that could help you effectively market your business and grow. The web is a great place to learn about marketing on an ongoing basis. You’ll find a wealth of free advice in a number of locations. Read on for some tips to help you stay abreast of marketing news and advice and save time doing it, too.

Start poking around the internet on subjects you are interested in. you’ll find some great resources and you’ll find authors that talk about marketing. Once you find a handful of people and resources who appeal to you and who seem to update their news on an ongoing basis, consider following them online You don’t have to remember to follow them, either. As they publish new information, you can receive it through multiple methods — automatically.

Subscribe to words related to marketing and to people who talk about marketing in a way that appeals to your niche and your geographical area. You can follow marketing mavens on Twitter, befriend them on Facebook, and read their articles throughout cyberspace. That way, each time you log into one of these tools, you’ll see the feed of the marketing expert(s). This can help you get spoon fed new information from that expert as they release it.

Find a blog you’re interested in getting updates from? Try doing a search on Google Blogs for the words and phrases you’re interested in. You can almost always find a subscribe button that enables you to get RSS feeds and / or new emails when that blog gets an update. The blog author may also offer regular updates through newsletters or offer additional information to subscribers only as well.

Subscribe to specific categories on article directories such as EzineArticles, Go Articles, Articlesbase, and others. These sites can send you new articles for specific categories related to business, to marketing, and to your industry in general. You can subscribe to receive updates from a specific author or on a certain category and be notified when that author or that category has a newly published article.


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