Stop Smoking Guide: Availing Stop Smoking Aids

Have you seen pole-vault jump? The jumper carries the pole in both hands at the start of the jump, gathers speed, leaps up in the air, and at a particular moment, upon reaching the top level of the jump, he leaves the pole, to jump all alone to the other side. He is the victor and he no more requires the pole. He has given up dependence on the pole, at the pinnacle of his glory. Stop smoking aids are to be treated in the same fashion. They are there to aid you. They can never be the permanent part of your personality.


What then is the permanent part of your personality? It is your strong will power to quit smoking! There is no substitute to your will power best smoke spots dust 2. All stop smoking aids are mere playthings in front of the glow of your will power.

The power of Nicotine is strange and great how to make stone in little alchemy. Notwithstanding the relentless campaign against it, health warnings of all types, rising cigarette prices due to high taxation, awareness campaigns, stop smoking aids on the rampage in the market, smoking still maintains the level of popularity. Many new recruits join its bandwagon in thousands everyday. What a strange product! It celebrates funeral marches and birthday celebrations on the same day!

Thousands die every day all over the world, becoming the victims of the smoking related diseases. Thousands take up to smoking for the first time every day.

The power of your adversary is known, which only means that you have to make strong preparations to defeat him. Surrender is not the alternative. It is difficult to stop smoking, but it is possible. The target is well within your reach. The path is difficult, but there are many aids to help you en-route. Rehabilitation centers run, mostly free, by the governmental and non-governmental organizations give many therapies, lecture programs, counseling sessions to help you quit smoking.

Another important aid in terms of human resources is the support from your family members and friend circle. “A friend in need is a friend indeed” Isn’t it? Your present urgent need is to quit smoking. Let your friends and family members create the proper environment for you to initiate and maintain your efforts to quit smoking.

Fortunately, plenty of stop smoking aids are available in the market. The cravings for nicotine can be met with these aids. Some of them are nasal sprays, inhalers, lozenges gum and nicotine patches.

That’s the small voice that rattles on at you when you aren’t looking for advice and when you aren’t really paying attention. Where smoking cigarettes is concerned, it tells you what you want to hear, not what’s good for you. You want to hear that smoking is okay, that you are immune to the effects of nicotine and that you can quit whenever you want.

When you try to quit and repeatedly fail, it will even tell you that you didn’t really want to quit in the first place. That’s why you haven’t quit yet. That sneaky inner voice feeds your subconscious all the excuses you need to keep smoking, and every reason not to try to quit. It provides you with every prop imaginable. If you listen, you’ll spot them, but it does take practice.

At first, you might deny that you have this inner voice. That’s a common reaction, because you have to be really listening in order to deliberately hear it. It is subtle. It whispers and it lies to you.

If you listen closely, you will be able to pick out all the lies because deep down you know the truth. You know that smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things you can do to your health. You know the damage the nicotine and tars are causing to your lungs. You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard the reports that cannot be denied.

You know that you are just as much at risk as the next person, but that’s not what your inner voice will tell you.It will tell you that there is no easy way to quit smoking. To prove it, your inner voice will remind you of the weight gain, cravings and tenseness you will experience when you try to quit. It will send messages throughout your body to give you a ‘preview’ of what that would feel like – how uncomfortable it would be.

What it won’t tell you is that if you don’t quit you are sure to become ill. It won’t tell you that you might not experience any symptoms at all. You won’t hear it say that any symptoms will be short lived. And it won’t let you another very important secret. It won’t tell you that the worst part of quitting smoking is the first 7-14 days, an achievable goal for anyone who is serious about quitting.


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