RSS News Subscription

Although RSS news are usually available in many websites, there are also publishing tools that deliver updates through an aggregator. Therefore if you want to subscribe to a news feed, consider first what are the options you can use to get the fresh content.

There are industry-specific feeds covering the news occurring only in a segment of the global market. In example, RSS feeds on the tourism industry that broadcast what is new about travels, lodging, tourist attractions, etc. These feeds target both the professionals in a specific area, and the current and prospective clients seeking for the latest news and trends.

There are also two main types of feeds, Atom and RSS feeds. Difference is the formatting of each one, being RSS the easiest to read and republish news, articles and blog entries. Broadcasting occurs in real time, hence search engines are continuously crawling the content of websites delivering feeds, and those that republish them.

From a marketing approach, this activity contributes to get listed faster and, if the marketing strategy is good, the website that republish news from any given source may rank higher, driving traffic faster than any tactic implemented for this purpose.

However, many RSS news services provide only schedule feeds, which are updates that only are published on a specific time interval, while others provides news monitoring, which is a service that is already republishing feeds from another sources, but after filtering using keywords to match certain criteria.

If you are going to republish RSS feeds, keep this information in mind so you do not waste your time with updates from clubs, schools or organizations that only announce events very rarely, or round that information with other rich resources otherwise.

On the other hand, if you retrieve feeds from news monitoring services, you may be losing important information from the source website, but omitted after the filtering. Learn to determine the difference between websites that generate their own RSS feeds and those that republish the content already generated elsewhere.

An interesting thing about social media is that it has the power of transmitting news and information across a large spectrum of the population in a very short period of time. With the advent and rapid expansion of the Internet people are no longer tied to their cable television or radio for news and updates. Furthermore, as an increasing number of people are going online and spending more of their daily time on the Internet, the online community is growing and is fast becoming a compelling place to exchange information and ideas. This community is well informed, educated and are extremely opinionated.

Sharing information on the Internet has become a lot easier with the advent of sites such as Twitter, Digg and Facebook. With the latest launch of Google+ the Internet community has more than one powerful way to disseminate information to their family and friends. A recent case in the point is the flood of information that was shared on Twitter and Facebook by the online community regarding the movements of the recent UK riots. Friends would send updates on Twitter or messages on the walls of their friends about impending problems and thereby warn their loved ones from venturing out. It was hard to imagine a decade ago that the common man would to be able to transmit information and share opinions and even influence others in such a rapid and wide-spread manner.

Trending news released by traditional media such as television is quickly picked up by the Internet media and then by the bloggers who have considerable influence through their opinionated writings. Bloggers are experts in their line of trade or profession and often share their experience and opinions through their blogs. These are well read, followed, debated and discussed. Blogs are thus one of the prime sources for interpretation of news and information. They often provide more content than the traditional media and news sites when it comes to news interpretation.


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