Great Attractions in Torquay

There are countless things that will surely keep you and your kids busy during your Torquay holidays. Staying in one of the luxurious holiday cottages in town will give you full access to major tourist destinations in the area like themed parks, beaches and shopping centres. These holiday cottages are spacious and boast superb accommodation suitable for small or big groups of friends and families. There are several attractions that the family will certainly enjoy during their Torquay holidays. Here are some must-see places within Kents Cavern that is quite near your holiday cottages.

Kents Cavern

A great first stop during your Torquay holidays from your holiday cottages is the Kents Cavern. This attraction is perfect for holidaying families. Kents Cavern has guided tours that everyone can take pleasure in. This magnificent tourist spot is open 7 days a week. However, operations are stalled on the 25th and 26th of December and also for one week in January. This place showcases various activities december global holidays for the kids. The Tribal Face is one of the well-liked attractions of Kents Cavern. Children can request for their face to be painted with different characters and be like an Ice Age hunter. This is a must-visit place, especially if you are spending Torquay holidays with your little ones.

Visit the Geopark

You may want to visit the Geopark while in Kents Cavern. You and your kids’ Torquay holidays will never be complete without experiencing the Geo Trail. The Geopark is a track that leads you from Kents cavern to other paths located at the South Western Coast. AS you explore this trail, you will be able to witness the Devonian rocks that are believed to be 400-million years old and has stood different tests of several epochs and eras. These rocks are located at Hopes Nose, where you will also see the raised beach. Once you get to Kents Cavern, you can purchase a map for the Geo-trail from the visitor’s centre for only 50p. This map will guide you as you traverse the trail


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