Time Stamping – The Art of Capturing Random Blogging Moments When You Are in the Writing Zone!

Time stamping is a misunderstood housekeeping element in good blogging or article writing. For me, time stamping an article or a post is just a way of preparing my activity well ahead of time (while I have the time and in the mood) to pre-write a bunch of ideas or posts or articles, so I can post-feed them when I am ready or when I need them.

So for me, I think of time stamping as capturing those random moments in a given day when I feel I am in the ‘zone’ to write down the start of an idea or article or post. Its really a way to avoid having to force myself to sit down and write at call, when I don’t really want to mywebmagazine.co.uk. This way I can seize those moments in my day or week when I have time on my hands to spare. And instead of wasting an hour on checking my email I can just type out whatever my enthusiasm would lead me – but keeping to topic, of course. You will be surprised at the power of these tiny pockets of free time, what they can do to build an article empire!

So ‘time stamping’ is simply about optimizing those ‘free’ moments in your busy life where you can flip open your laptop (or boot up your computer) and start punching into your keys until the words form a sentence, and sentences begin to take shape from an idea. Its what I would call pre-writing a raw article or blog post.

How many times, have you stared at the TV screen only to forget what you watched an hour ago? How about turning that hour into a writing habit? You will be chuckling happy when you add up those tiny TV hours to see a bunch of raw articles sitting in your hard drive. Trust me, whenever those blank moments come (and they will come!) when you have to deliver or write up another good article, you will be as happy as a kid in a chocolate factory knowing that you can pull out those raw ‘about to be’ diamond articles and start polishing them up. It’s far easier to polish up an article you’ve written then try to force yourself to be creative from scratch when you just don’t feel like it.

There can be some drawbacks when you pre-write your articles ahead of time. One of the issues you may face is finding that your pre-written article may get a little out of date, especially as more techniques and ideas fly in at the speed of thought on the internet. Of course this depends largely on the genre of your article topics.

Another drawback you may find with prewriting your articles is that you run the risk of losing interest in the topic trend later on and so all the data you would have collated and the ideas you would have put together when you thought they were ‘hot’ could become a waste of time.

But please keep in mind this will depend largely on the type of topics you write about. An obvious point would be you can’t easily pre-wite articles about current affairs or news related topics.

But for me, the plus side still outweighs the negative though. For example, with time stamping you can schedule well in advance the posts or articles you want posted at certain dates in the following week or have them scheduled for another date in the future. You can set these to be published automatically at the set times you assigned them to.

Yes, time stamping, if used wisely, can become a key element to build a successful blogging life. In fact, I believe it is critical to your blogging sanity.


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