How To Make A Website – Understanding Domain Names And Hosting Accounts

One of the questions often asked by people interested in making money at home is, do I really need to know how to make a website?

Let me just be abruptly clear by saying “in order to make money online you do need to know how to make a website.”

I can understand and appreciate that you may be reading this right now, and the thought of making a website could be terrifying. (As when I got started I had some of those very same fears) But in order to successfully run a business online and continue to see growth in your craft, than you will need to understand how to make a website.

Now, before we discuss any website creation strategies, I would like to briefly state that we will not be talking about organizing affiliate websites. Just for clarity, I really don’t have any problem with affiliate websites, but in order to be taken seriously we need to know how to make a website of our very own GoDaddy email login. By doing so we gain more comfort with controlling our own business, and eventually our website will start earning us cash on demand.

The biggest hosting company in the world is GoDaddy. They provide excellent customer service and have a variety of plans to match customers’ needs. Go addy was the first hosting company I ever used and I never had a problem with their service but started using Bluehost at a certain point because they offer a free domain name with purchase of a hosting plan. I’ll get to Bluehost later, but after recently reviewing both options again, I realized that GoDaddy’s plans are still cheaper even though domain names are a separate purchase from hosting.

The typical user will choose one of two plans that GoDaddy offers, the economy or deluxe plan. The economy plan is the all-around best for those who are certain they only want to put up one website. While the 10GB of storage the economy plan offers is more than enough to put up multiple sites, the economy plan restricts you to one website. However, at $55 total ($45 for hosting and $10 for a domain name), it’s easily the cheapest plan you’ll get out there.

Have you considered how working these with backlinks can and/or will supercharge your Internet Marketing business? Take for example the concept of working a blog together with your website. As long as they are a good fit for each other, it’s a given that the search engines value websites that have relevant blogs far more than those that don’t.

So now it’s time for .ME to take it to the next level. No, I’m not going to suggest that you start from scratch on building a brand new website and linking the two together. You’ve already spent valuable time building your website and working your blog. Why not let your website audience create your .ME website themselves?

I didn’t realize at the time, but that is really a false distinction. A blog can really be designed to look the same as a traditional website, it just has many, many favorable advantages compared to a traditional html, xml, or css-based website. In fact, ANY website that you go to right now could be based on blogging software, and you wouldn’t even know it. Even a site like could be set up as a blog. The biggest thing that held me back from doing it right away was simply fear, and trust me, please don’t let that be what holds you back. The learning curve honestly is not that steep. If you start off wrong though, you can and will lose some time. I myself probably lost 2-3 weeks worth of work by not doing it right from the start. Here are the 5 main advantages as I see it


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