Inexpensive List Building Techniques For the New Marketer

If you’re new to marketing your business online and wondering about how to grow your email list inexpensively, you’re not alone. The biggest lure of Internet Marketing is the promise of less start up capital needed to run your business. So let’s get started – here are some great inexpensive list building techniques every new marketer Spectrum Email should be aware of:

Article Marketing

This one is a classic that most of us are familiar with. But do you know how to make it work? Try writing articles which take longer than 20 minutes. Define a purpose for the article, research the answer thoroughly, then add your biography and publish it. To directories, related websites, your own blog – everywhere you can. If you interest your readers, they’ll click right through to your subscription page, fill out their details, and click the button.

Social Marketing

This is a newer technique that’s best used for the right circumstances. Chances are, you won’t sell the latest email list management software to your friends on Myspace. However, you just might sell them a way to make extra spending cash on the side, or their favorite media. But social marketing doesn’t just include the all popular social networks. Today, the so called ‘web 2.0’ is everywhere – Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Bizrate, almost every major online store has a public communication avenue. Get creative with it. Also included in the spectrum of social sites are blogs and forums. Make quality posts or comments, leave your signature in the appropriate place. If you contribute substantially, you can often get more targeted click-throughs for less writing than any place else.

Joint Ventures

An age old business technique. Go find complimentary businesses and websites willing to cooperate with you, and exchange offerings on your email list. They could put a simple recommendation to sign up for your newsletter in exchange for a product ad, or vice versa. Else, they could post the recommendation on their website next to their already existing products, services, and information.

Co Registration Services

This is a relatively unheard of technique, and it does usually carry a small cost. Similar to a joint venture but more broad in scope, co registration involves offering customers multiple sign up opportunities at one time. This may seem undesirable, but often it puts your list in front of more people than would otherwise see it. Therefore they at least have a chance of subscribing to you. Directory type websites may offer these. Subscriptions, surveys, quizzes, and other web services may also present them.

Optimize Your Capture Form

This is probably the biggest tip of all. You could have 10,000 new visitors a day, but if you’re only converting 0.001 percent of them, you’re missing out considerably. Primarily – put your capture form above the fold! It should be among the first web page items a visitor can see, without scrolling in any direction. Also, use statistics and tracking to experiment with different headlines and incentives. Don’t give your potential subscribers something not worth reading, else they’ll just junk your next email.


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