Are Horoscopes a Coincidence Or a Reality?

For thousands of years people have been captivated by horoscopes, astrology, star signs, birth signs, and we have long looked to the stars for answers to our questions. However tuvisomenh, for every person that truly believes in the power of astrology, there are five other people who doubt and criticize astrology, and its scientific backing.

I personally believe that the stars can reveal something about our personalities and the future, as my horoscope is usually shockingly accurate. However, the lack or reputable results or scientific backing to its method makes astrology a highly criticized process, giving it a reputation as a space filler in magazines that you read in line at the supermarket.

There have been certain events that I have experienced throughout my life that make me believe that astrology is not just a supernatural hoax. I read my horoscope online everyday, and more often than not, my horoscope is accurate to some level.

I know a lot of people who check their current horoscopes daily in the news paper. Many now receive free daily horoscopes online, but I also know some people who pay to have their complete horoscope determined everyday. Though I would never consider paying for my horoscope, they swear that a complete horoscope is always almost completely accurate.

For many of us, we are quick to dismiss or shoot down anything that doesn’t have to do with us or is in some way negative to us. However, when we receive good news, strangely enough, we are uplifted that there may be a possibility of something good happening to us.

This is most likely due to the fact that human nature makes us embrace any news of positive or good new, but we deny or disregard bad or negative news. Whatever the reasons, we have become a society that is fascinated by horoscopes, star signs, and star charts.

I have friends that who will readily admit that when ever they get into a new relationship; they spend hours consulting their horoscope, star charts, and the heavens to determine their compatibility.

Determining compatibility based on star signs is helps to reassure people that they have compatibility in their relationship and that things might work out positively because Mr. or Mrs. Right has a compatibility with their star sign. These people will then research as much as they possibly can about their compatibility, including the person’s faults, life goals, dislikes, personality, and even their long term health probability.

Though it may sound strange, these people are not a minority. There are tens of thousands of people who will openly admit that their horoscope is a major part of any decision they make. Humans have been looking to the stars for thousands of years to foresee the future, from the ancient cultures as diverse as the Greeks, Babylonians, and Aztecs, to present day cultures such as the Chinese and even our own.

In medieval times, kings, who are considered to be the most powerful people in history, readily consulted a wizard before making any decisions dealing with their kingdom. Today millions of people have their free daily horoscopes emailed to them daily and use them to make judgements on how to plan their day.


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