Redirect Your Kid’s Cartoon Addiction – Many Good Things Can Happen

If you have a kid in your home I know you will agree with me. Kids love cartoons. Though popular cartoon channels are their most favorite they also love cartoon series in magazines and comic books.

In fact kids can get so much addicted they can even start to ignore other required tasks of day-to-day life. Just think of the time when your kid is watching Pokemon or Doremon and you want her to have a shower. Chance is that you will have hard time getting her attention.

In this article I am not going to preach how bad cartoons shows are for kids and how you can free your child from cartoon addiction. Because cartoon shows like anything else can be good or bad.

The better way is you yourself also start watching the cartoon shows your kid enjoys and if you find anything like too much violence etc that you think will not be good for your kid then slowly try to redirect her interest to cartoon shows that you believe good and wholesome. And let me tell you it will not be very difficult as you are not trying to stop your kid from watching cartoons altogether. Instead you are just redirecting her interest from one show to another.

But this hardly is the only thing you can do for your kid who loves cartoons so much to stay glued to TVs for most of the time she stays awake. Best thing you can do for her, get her good drawing and sketching set and encourage her to draw two or three cartoon characters she likes most. She will eagerly jump into the activity.

By encouraging your kid to draw you KissCartoon will reap many benefits. Firstly her keen addiction to watching TV will get somewhat diluted. So she will have more time for her course books.
Her hand-eye coordination will improve. She will require to analyze what is being seen and then put everything together on a paper. These activities will enhance both analytical and creative faculties of her mind.

Only thing you have to do is see that she follows a proper path while trying to draw otherwise soon she will get frustrated and stop trying to draw anything.

When attempting to draw favorite cartoon character make sure she gets a simple line drawing of the character and uses that as reference while trying to draw. Because if she tries to draw from memory or a photograph where the character is shown in a difficult posture it will be difficult for her to produce something good.

You can look for such simple drawing in your local hobby store. Even in Internet you can find such line drawings of many popular cartoon characters. Make sure you select the simplest one in the beginning.

Apart from giving her encouragement and mental boost, provide her with a good cartoon drawing course, and ask her to practice the basic steps. Because once basics are clear making more sophisticated drawing will be possible. Also do not forget creating cartoons can be a very rewarding career. So if your kid finds cartoon making really interesting she may even decide to take it as a career.


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