Five Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make As a Project Manager

Some mistakes can be avoided if you plan properly and in advance. Inexperienced project managers can sometimes make mistakes, simply because they do not recognise them as mistakes due to a lack of experience PMP certification. Here we will look at five mistakes that you really do not want to be guilty of.

These are important because they provide you with short term goals and targets and a quantifiable measure of progress that you can you show to your investors and managers in the form of progress reports. They also provide your project with structure, and prevent creation of a long list of tasks that seemingly lacks cohesion.

Your risk log is an important document, and it should be worked at from the outset. The trouble is, many project managers make the mistake of putting a risk log in place at the start and then file it away in a drawer until the completion of the project.

In the beginning the intention to put in place a robust communication strategy is always on the PM’s mind, but unless you work at it on a day to day basis, communication can easily start to break down. From investors to local authorities, there are people that require to be kept ‘in the loop’. Put in a little time, even if it is just an hour or so each week, to communicate with people and keep everybody up to date.


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