Finding the Keyword Rich Domain For Your Blog Site

Everyone has heard of SEO for websites and blogs, but did you know you could help your sites and blogs by having a keyword rich domain? For example, when a person goes to search the internet for dog training, they might type into their browser “”. Did they do a search? No! They just typed their keywords into the browser! So, if you happened to be the guy/girl GoDaddy email login that owned this domain, bam! They are at your site and you did nothing to get them there! Here is how you find a domain loaded with keywords:

1. First of all, let’s be sure that you know that .com is the best extension you can have for your domain. I wouldn’t go,.org or any other option. (If you can’t find a .com, chances are the niche you are after is pretty saturated already. Not saying there isn’t room for you… if you have a good product!)

2. Now let’s find some keywords. You’ll need to pull up a keyword tool, such as Word Tracker (It’s free and I like it’s results!) So here, you’ll enter your niche market. I’m using smoking as an example. I get a huge list of results and the number of searches done on each one for the past 365 days.

3. In a different window or tab, open GoDaddy. What you’ll want to do is type each relative keyword chain in GoDaddy’s bulk domain window. Here is a link: Search Bulk For example, I see “stop smoking”, “effects of smoking”, and “why is smoking bad for you” in the Keyword tool. So, in the GoDaddy bulk domain box, I type: stopsmoking, effectsofsmoking, and whyissmokingbadforyou.


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