Who Invents Algebra?

Algebra, which is a core subject in high school, is taught to all students. But who was responsible for creating algebra? It was discovered, developed, and finally merged with new ideas to create what we call algebra today.

Many fundamental ideas in algebra whoinvented.info have been discovered by many people. Comment was used in ancient times to allow for parallel discoveries by different people.

Algebra in Ancient History

Two places were central to the development of algebra: Egypt and Ancient Babylon. While both of these civilizations used math in different ways, it is widely accepted that the Babylonians are the ones who introduced algebra to the world and were responsible for its development. Evidence of this can be found as far back as 1900 to 1600 BC. The Plimpton 322-tablet, also known by the Plimpton 322 Tablet, shows Pythagorean triples as well as other forms of mathematics.
Babylonian algebra may have happened in tandem with Egyptian algebra. However, Babylonian mathematics was more advanced. They were able to explore quadratic and cubic equations, while the Egyptians preferred linear equations. They also had flexible operations that the Egyptians hadn’t yet discovered or begun to use. Factoring and positive roots were all part of their understanding.

Many documents that are still available from the ancient Egyptian period show that they used simple linear formulas. History has not found any evidence to suggest that they were at the same level of the Babylonians. However, the documents do date back to the same time. The Egyptians developed a method called “false posture”, which allows for many different equations to be solved in an iterative fashion.


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