Economic Collapse in the US – How to Prepare

With out of control government spending and more cities, counties and even states having financial crises, the possibility of a Collapse in the US is becoming more and more real to many people. Hyperinflation and riots are what many experts predict could 7.62×39 surplus ammo be coming our way soon, and it wouldn’t be the first time in history. The country in the Western Hemisphere most like the US, Argentina, suffered a total economic collapse just ten years ago, plunging their once thriving country into a period of chaos, riots and crime.

Before the collapse in 2001, the Argentine middle class was at least as well off as the middle class in the US. Argentina was, and remains to this day, one of the top grain exporters in the world. However, incompetent government officials, bad economic policy, runaway borrowing and spending led the government to one day having to devalue its currency, once on par with the dollar, to one-third of its former value. This happened almost overnight, as banks were closed and accounts frozen and middle class workers who saved their entire lives saw their savings evaporate. The pensions of retirees were suddenly worth a third of what they had been the week before.

Argentine author Fernando Aguirre advises Americans to invest in precious metals, as they are a “hard currency” that will hold value much better than the paper currency that the government continues to print. With cash being less valuable, expect property crimes to skyrocket. For this reason, Aguirre devotes a large percentage of his book, “Surviving in Argentina” to self-defense, as his former middle class life has turned into one in which personal security is of paramount importance in light of skyrocketing crime.

How Will I Feed My Family?

The other lesson that should be learned from what happened in Argentina is that Americans should have a food storage program, where they have several weeks of non perishable food in their home. In times of economic crisis, grocery store shelves can be empty and, even if there is ample food, it may either be unaffordable or civil unrest may make a trip to the store dangerous. If you store food that your family is already eating, there is no financial risk, as you will definitely eat it anyway. But if there is an economic collapse, you will be glad you put money into your pantry instead of a bank at one quarter of a percent interest.


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