Necessary Qualities of Outdoor Speakers

The great outdoors presents a different listening environment than the indoors. Outdoors, of course, is wide open, and there is usually much more background noise. The difficult sonic conditions of the outdoors can make music sound thin and diluted. To keep a warm, full-bodied sound, one should choose outdoor speakers with good low-frequency response that produce enough bass for a satisfying listening experience.

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It is also very important to consider the durability of a pair of outdoor speakers All of the outdoor speakers we carry are weather resistant, and some are rigorously tested under extremely difficult environmental conditions. Most manufacturers recommend placing or mounting them in a protected location under cover for best results and a longer life. Beneath a porch roof or an eave they work well.

There are a couple of different ways in which one can place outdoor speakers. Some would like to have a system which will enable them to share the speaker both inside and outside. Most amplifiers have A and B speaker outputs for exactly this purpose.

Another factor to consider when planning an integrated outdoor system is the distance of running speaker cable. The best option is always to use wireless speakers while placing it outdoors. Placing the outdoor speakers near a wall or other solid surface improves bass output. The higher the speakers are mounted, the greater the distance the sound will carry. If it is necessary to mount one or both speakers in an exposed location one should choose speakers that are rated for extreme conditions.

When shopping for outdoor speakers one must look for those models and brands that have been tested and warranted for outdoor use and are made for extreme conditions. Various models of outdoor speakers are available in the market. Mainly five types of outdoor speakers are available: regular looking weatherproof speakers, cylinder-shaped, rock-shaped, and flowerpot-shaped are commonly used. Garden shapes like rocks and frogs are also available, and there are also wireless speakers.

The most popular brand name for speakers is BOSE. The Free Space 151 Environmental speakers deliver 360-degree sound coverage, on or in ground installation, and will stand up to snow, sun, rain, ice and saltwater spray. The 251 Environmental is a wall-mounted speaker with a multi-chambered enclosure for improved bass response. The wall-mounted 151 SE sends sound over a wide listening area. The 131 is a flush mount outdoor speaker model specifically intended for marine use.

Some brands make outdoor speakers in the shapes of garden decor. Camouflage speakers are supposed to blend visually and aurally into an outdoor setting. Most have one speaker, instead of the woofer and tweeter combo found in typical rectangular enclosures. Speaker Craft outdoor Rox look like real rocks, and lack any noticeable grill holes. They are available in pairs, and also in larger single models.

This is a problem faced by all music lovers. To select the speakers which will do justice to the room you are going to place them into. Today, there are all types of speakers available to choose from. There are floor speakers, tower speakers, surround speakers, in-ceiling speakers, bookshelf speakers and outdoor speakers etc to choose from while deciding on the right pair. However, which is the correct speaker for your room would largely depend on the size and placement of other objects in your room.

To a novice, the general idea would be, the larger the room, the larger should be the speakers. However, with the advancement in technology, more and more is being offered in small packages. Therefore, it is not true that if you have a large room, you would also need to buy a larger pair of speakers.

However, there are a certain points which will help if considered while choosing speakers that are ideal for your room. The acoustics of your room play a very important role in the performance of the speakers. If you have room with upholstered furnishings and heavy drapes then it will be more sound absorbent. You would need speakers with higher amplifiers for such rooms. However rooms with hard finishes like metal, brick or glass etc reflect sound very well. You can look for speakers with other music qualities like a good treble and bass for such rooms.

Other than that, the type and design of the speakers also matters while selecting the right enhancement for your music system. Let us find out by the type of speakers that are available.


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