Roofing Contractors And Other Con Men

After the recent heavy rain two things are certain. Any time soon my wife is going to start nagging me to cut the lawn and the roofing con men will be out in force. These storm chasers appear from their holes like night crawlers after a heavy rain.

We have all heard the horror stories roofing contractors near me. Roofs left unfinished, leaking shoddy work and more sinister stories of pensioners being strong-armed down to the bank in order to pay extortionate roofing bills.

In the United Kingdom a frail pensioner was frightened into parting with his life savings for changing a few roofing tiles. In another case, instead of the promised new roof, the roof was simply painted over with green masonry paint. The same so called roofer conned a ninety one year old woman out of twenty thousand pounds for a repair that should have cost 800. So how can we protect ourselves against these unscrupulous rogues?

Rouge roofers come in all shapes and sizes. Some employ slick salesmen that offer the appearance of respectability, while others look like they have just finished a 10 stretch at the local penitentiary. One thing they all have in common is the desire separate you from your cash with as little in return as possible.


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