Use Google Reader And Google Alerts To Find Fresh Blog Content

If you’re like me, sometimes you have a ton to write about on your blog, and sometimes you get “blogger’s block”. You couldn’t get content scraped together to save your life. It can be frustrating. But there is hope. This hope also comes without having to pay for outsourcing check my google rank your content. The two tools I like to use to get up to date fresh content are Google Reader and Google Alerts.

One of the biggest steps to discover how to make an income online with your blog is to be sure to always have fresh content on your site. There are two ways to do this. You can write all the info yourself, or have it outsourced. Both are good, one just costs a little bit. The problem with writing all of it yourself is that occasionally you may run out of things to write about. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some free sources that would give you fresh content e topic of your choice? Well, there are some out there. Google Reader and Google Alerts.

First off, Google Reader. If you don’t already have a Google account, go sign up for one. Then, at the top of the screen under “more”, click on that. A drop-down list will appear, and click on “Reader”. Another screen will come up, where you can add or manage subscriptions to different blogs/sites.

When you click “add a subscription”, you will be prompted to enter your keyword phrase for what it is you’re looking for more content for. A list of sites will come up that contain these phrases, and you can subscribe to them. Check back with your Google Reader page to see what new posts have been updated on these sites. I’ll explain in a bit what to do from here.

Now, Google Alerts is a little bit different, and I gotta say, I use it quite a bit more than Reader. Basically, you enter your keyword phrase you’d like info on, and you’ll automatically get emails with links to sites with those phrases. You can get a ton of fresh info everyday using this tool.

Since by now you probably have a Google account, go to Google and sign in. Just like you did to get to Reader, click “more”. At the bottom of the list it says, “even more”. Click on this, and you’ll come to another page with a list of options. Google Alerts is the first one, so click on it.


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