Choosing a Table tennis Conversion Top

A table tennis conversion top is the just the top part of a ping pong table, the part that you play table tennis on minus the heavy, bulky legs. It can be attached to any flat surface for an instant playing surface anywhere that a player might want to set it up. A table tennis conversion top is the most convenient choice for families living in small houses without enough space to set up a regular ping pong table. It’s often a perfect option also for those who already have a game room cramped with other space-consuming tables such as pool and card tables. Usually, a table tennis conversion top comes in a size that will securely fit on any standard pool table perfectly with easy installation and removal as needed.

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If you have decided to get a table tennis conversion top for yourself, the first thing to consider is the size and height of your pool table, or other table that you will be installing it on table tennis tables melbourne. A common problem with these table tops for some players is that they feel it lacks the proper feel of the game, so keep that in mind if you are a serious player. However, if you are planning to use it just for friendly games and family one-on-ones then it should be fine, but it’s probably not the best choice for intensive training and practices.

Table tennis conversion tops are perfect for families and kids who want to be able to just bring it out and use it occasionally when the mood strikes. In fact, if you don’t have room in your house, you can choose a waterproof one for outdoor ping pong games that is sure to keep your kids occupied for longer periods of time. You will also need to buy accessories to go with your table, but if you and your family are beginners, everything you need is quite affordable. Over time, if you become serious about the game, your style and technique may require more advanced equipment as you improve.

When choosing the right table tennis conversion top, you must ensure that you choose the right size so that the locking mechanism lines up and fits the underlying table perfectly. Conversion tops vary in price, so you’ll want to assess how serious you are about playing and how often the table will be used. Cheaper tables tend to have an slightly uneven surface that will affect the bounce of the ball while sturdier ones are much more efficient and are better suited for serious players. When you are comparing prices, be sure to take note whether or not the table you’re looking at comes with a net and posts, whereas sometimes they are sold separately. Aside from the net and posts, once you have your table tennis conversion top, you will only need paddles, balls, and a willingness to have fun! If you already have snooker or billiards table then why would you want to invest in a ping pong table. It’s not only an additional expenditure but will also take up a lot of space. If you live in a home which can only accommodate one recreational game table and you already have one, then it would be a waste of money and space to buy a ping pong table.

Instead you could buy a table tennis conversion top. This is a superb innovation from the manufacturers to help people save space as well as money. These conversion tops can fit easily on the surface of a billiard or snooker table which converts the playing surface into a ping pong table surface.

This is great for families who have limited space in the recreation room, backyard, basement or garage but want to have more than one sport to play with. Before buying a conversion top you must consider the size of your table. The height and the length play a major part while buying a table tennis conversion top.

Usually a snooker table is much bigger in size and length as compared to a table tennis top. So this could be a bit of a problem if you have a conversion top for ping pong placed on a snooker table. With a regular snooker table being 11 x 5 ft and 10 inches while a ping pong table is 9 x 5, you will find that there is an extra foot of snooker table protruding on both sides. This may cause you problems while playing short balls.

More over the recommended height of a snooker table is between 33 1/2 to 34 1/2 inches while that of a table tennis table is 30 inches. It’s quite difficult to play on a much higher surface. So if you have a snooker table, it’s much better to get a small sized, foldable ping pong table instead of a table tennis conversion top. Unless you don’t mind playing ping pong with a bit of compromise.

But if you have a billiard table, it makes much more sense to buy a conversion table tennis top as billiard tables are much smaller in size and shorter in length, pretty much close to a table tennis table.

Once you have the conversion top on, you need to check the bounce of the ball. Check if the ball bounces to correct height of 23cm when dropped from 30cm height. This will give you an idea if the conversion top is a perfect match on your billiard table.


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